Shedding Light on ACORN, the New York Times and Liberal Advocacy Groups

Posted by: Andrew Langer on Friday, July 23, 2010 at 9:29:16 am

 A recent Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government article has provided even more sordid details of a story we’ve been covering about a liberal agenda revealed.  It seems that many far left factions with a little help from the New York Times are going to great lengths to misrepresent taxes paid by American oil companies.  These extreme groups have formed a circle of collusion that is evidently more concerned with pushing liberal policies than stating the facts.  Their attacks claim that energy companies are dodging taxes through subsidies and loop holes.  This deceiving conclusion comes in the form of a Times article that as Big Government points out:

 “appears to have been heavily edited by a cadre of left leaning groups, including ACORN President Maude Hurd, Citizens for Tax Justice, Center for American Progress and the Clean Energy Works campaign.”

 The Times article falsely asserted that oil companies are heavily subsidized and given massive tax breaks.  To prove the story was riddled was inaccuracies IFL even posted counterpoints to each argument in a post “IFL Responds to Clean Energy Works AND The New York Times.”  The liberal agenda behind this all first came to light in a leaked Clean Energy Works memo by David Di Martino.  At a time when our country is trying to create jobs and recover from an economic recession it seems particularly disheartening that liberal groups are trying to tear down American businesses.  Hopefully the public and those in Washington will continue to watch as this story unravels.



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