July 2, 2022

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Setting The Record Straight on PROTECT IP Act

Posted by: Andrew Langer on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 12:00:00 am

Last May, I wrote about the need to combat rogue websites—websites that offer counterfeit and pirated products – and commended Senators Leahy, Grassley, and Hatch as well as the entire Senate Judiciary Committee for their unanimous support of the PROTECT IP Act.This bipartisan legislation now enjoys the support of 43 state Attorneys General, the Conference of Mayors, a coalition of over 360 companies, trade associations, and labor groups. These groups all recognize that enhanced enforcement tools would help protect American consumers and workers from these blatant thieves hiding behind rogue websites.

However, the legislation has also faced numerous blatantly unfounded allegations. The fact is that according to our Constitution, we all are entitled to our property, including our intellectual property. And the government has a fundamental responsibility to protect its citizens from theft and harm beyond our borders. That is why rogue sites legislation like PROTECT IP Act is needed. Every marketplace needs rules to protect people from fraud and theft, but no one wants those rules to be overbearing. And PROTECT IP Act strikes the right balance.

Here’s how you can help get this bill to the finish line:

  • WRITE: Tell your public officials that we cannot let rogue sites undermine U.S. innovation, consumers, and the online ecosystem.
  • JOIN: Join the conversation online to learn more about latest happenings on rogue sites legislation. [link to facebook]
  • SHARE: Know of someone who suffers from online counterfeiting and piracy? Share the call for rogue sites legislation with them and recruit them to join the coalition against counterfeiting and piracy!
  • LEARN: Check out www.fightonlinetheft.com to learn the latest on the fight against rogue sites.

The online thieves are stealing our products, our ideas, our property. Why should we tolerate their criminal activity? Support rogue sites legislation today!



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