October 25, 2021

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The Green Police are Coming

Posted by: Roger Morse on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 4:07:46 pm

During the broadcast of this year's Super Bowl, viewers were entertained by many of the expensive commercials.  One ad in particular featured during the Super Bowl envisioned how the government would monitor every aspect of your life for affronts to the environmental movement. 

The Green Police ad sponsored by Audi, brought to life brigades of eco-law enforcement officers searching residential trash cans for unsorted recyclables. 

This Garbage Gestapo arrests a variety of citizens for choosing plastic instead of paper at the grocery store; failing to sort compostable materials and recyclables from regular trash; and even sitting in a hot tub at a comfortable temperature.

This is not just a creation of science fiction writers.

The Obama Administration is using stimulus funds to implement this vision.

The city of Dayton, Ohio has received stimulus funding to distribute recycling bins to residents that are embedded with a microchip to track the recycling practices of its citizens.

According to the Dayton Daily News,

“The microchips, which use radio frequency identification technology, are installed in the bin handles. Four city waste collection trucks will be equipped to read the microchips that will be associated with specific street addresses.

A $500,000 federal stimulus grant will pay for a consultant to design a campaign promoting recycling for Dayton, the purchase of 8,500, 96-gallon recycling containers and equipping trucks to read the microchips.”

The Obama Administration's Stimulus Bill is attempting to create jobs by creating a Garbage Gestapo. The government has no business snooping in your trash.  If anything should be recycled, it should be the stimulus money used for this idea.


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