October 29, 2020

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Institute for Liberty's Disney Darkside Project

Welcome to DisneyDarkside.Com

A Project of the Institute for Liberty







America is built on the freedom to choose.  So long as someone else’s rights aren’t violated, people are and ought to be free to make choices for themselves on just about every aspect of their lives.

Because of this basic axiom, Americans get offended when their freedom of choice is constrained—when someone else decides to make their choices for them.  Whether it’s some government bureaucrat, or a crony capitalist trying to use to power of law to flex his muscle and protect his share of the goodies.

In 2012, IFL is going to be pushing back in a variety of ways against just this sort of hijacking of freedom of choice, and this project, DisneyDarkside.com, is one such example.

Here, Walt Disney Corporation, a company already under criticism by IFL in another of our projects (the Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity) is trying to prevent Florida’s adults, and adults all around the world, from having South Florida as a possible gaming destination.  The reason for this is simple—despite the fact that the Walt Disney World resorts are hours away from these destinations, Disney sees these resorts as a potential threat to their market share.

But they’re couching their protectionist stance in “family friendly” rhetoric—as if South Florida already weren’t considered a “more adult” destination.  What’s worse, Disney already hedges their profits by licensing some of the comic characters they own for certain casino games!

It’s wrong for Disney to hijack the choices of millions of adults who might want to choose to go to South Florida for gaming.  Floridians need these jobs, and Disney should not stand in the way of those who want to expand their gaming choices in South Florida!  


Please sign our petition urging the Florida Chamber of Commerce to support Floridians and Florida visitors who want greater freedom of choice when it comes to tourism!












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