September 29, 2022

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Our Vision for IFL's Future

IFL is an aggressive defender of the rights of individuals to pursue the American dream. We inject the perspective of small businesses, and the working families that depend on them, into the public policy debate.

In this day and age, with government expanding at an alarming rate, IFL is fighting on a variety of different fronts. We pursue public policy from an academic perspective, we help to organize grassroots activists and events, and we offer not just strategic and tactical solutions, but solutions that can and ought to be implemented by policymakers.

IFL is organized around a series of centers. Our Center for Health Security focuses on ensuring that America's health care system isn't destroyed by those who want to see it taken over by the state. Our Center for Strategic Policy works to give Americans a deeper understanding of how and why public policies are formulated the way they are. Our Center for American Regulatory Engagement works to involve massive numbers of Americans in the regulatory process, and inject the small business perspective into those debates.

Our goal is to be the preeminent organization pushing back against the expansion of the state, putting a stop to policies that will undermine that which has made this nation great.

The Institute For Liberty 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036 P: (202) 261-6592 F: (877) 350-6147