October 25, 2021

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IFL Stepping In to Oppose Crony Leftists Working to Submarine Governor Walker!

The New Union-Staffed Casino Would Funnel Huge Sums to Walker's Opponents

Published Monday, September 9, 2013

The Institute for Liberty is joining the fight to defend the pro-free market/limited-government efforts of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, now facing a backdoor effort to funnel huge sums of money to his opponents.

Walker is a vocal critic of the proposed Menominee Casino in Kenosha, WI--which would be the first unionized casino in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin's unions, and unions nationwise, have been the principal opponents of Walker and his serious (and successful) work rebuilding Wisconsin's econmoy.  The casino, which was rejected by the previous administration, has been approved by President Obama, himself a critic of Governor Walker, his allies, and the rise of pro-market policies in Wisconsin.

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