August 16, 2022

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IFL Warns Congress Again On Federalizing Medical Malpractice

Joins Coalition Letter

Published Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Betrayal of Federalism

Federalizing Medical Malpractiee Law Would Set Dangerous Precedent

June 27, 2017 (Washington)-As Congress moves to betray basic principles of federalism, The Institute for Liberty joined former Attorney General Edwin Meese, III and 10 other free-market and limited government groups warning Congress of the dangerous precedent this would set.  IFL President Andrew Langer had this to say:

       While we are grateful policymakers understand the problems facing medical providers from outrageous lawsuits, and the strain malpractice insurance places on the delivery of medical care, we believe that federalizing malpractice law would not only betray the basic principles of federalism, but would set the wrong precedent for federal intervention in what has traditionally been the purview of state regulation for decades to come.  When the pendulum swings, and Democrats take control of Congress once again, they will point to legislation like this as precedent for interfering in all manner of state business.  We are proud to join General Meese and our allied organizations in voicing our concerns with this bill.

That letter can be found below this release.





Conservative Letter to Congress on Tort Reform 062717 by The Institute for Liberty on Scribd

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