What can Brown do for you?

Published Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:00 am
by Kerri Houston Toloczko

By saying “yes” to Scott Brown tonight, the people of Massachusetts voted “no.”

“No” to corruption, secrecy and the fanatical push for government control demonstrated by Congressional Democrats and the White House throughout the entire legislative process on a healthcare bill that the American people oppose by huge margins. 

This election gives a new spin to “what can Brown do for you?”  In this case, Scott Brown has given the people of Massachusetts the opportunity to send a strong message on behalf of the rest of the nation.  

Over 200 years ago, my native state of Massachusetts led the fight against British tyranny and the self-appointed pickpockets of government.  Tonight, they’ve done it again; their votes clearly telegraphing that the American people will not relinquish their individual freedom nor their economic liberty to elected officials who have forgotten who is working for whom. 

Despite the inevitable spin that will come out of the pro-government healthcare camp - make no mistake - the citizens of Massachusetts knew exactly what their votes meant in theory and in practice as they left the polling stations today.

Kerri Houston Toloczko is Senior Vice President for Policy at the Institute for Liberty and the Director of its Center for Healthcare Security and Access.  Ms. Toloczko grew up in Braintree and West Harwich, Massachusetts.