October 29, 2020

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IFL Responds to President Obama's Call for Regulating the Internet

Published Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Obama Issues Call for Internet Regulation

Institute for Liberty Responds: “A Glimpse of Things To Come?”


Washington, DC—Today, President Barack Obama asked the Federal Communications Commission to open yet another rulemaking on so-called “net neutrality,” asking the independent agency to essentially reclassify broadband communications under Title II of the Communications Act.  Institute for Liberty President Andrew Langer responded:

“This morning we saw the cynical political depths to which this Administration has sunk.  Coming less than a week after his party was trounced in the national mid-term elections, the President is attempting to rebuild the shambles of his coalition using his two favorite vehicles—overbroad executive action coupled with the worst kind of political doublespeak.  If this is a glimpse of what’s to come for the final years of the Obama administration, American consumers are in for a very rough ride indeed.

“What the President is after isn’t ‘net neutrality’ by any rational definition of the term.  What he wants to do is dismantle the very things that have made the internet a truly revolutionary and transformative invention, while putting the government in charge of determining how fast or slow consumer internet speeds are.  Consider how the net—how consumers interact with it and utilize it—has dramatically changed in the last five years, without the need for massive interference by the federal government.  Then imagine if that network were run like Amtrak, or our nation’s highways—no true high speed rail, and a network of roads under constant construction, with constant slow-downs.

“Internet service providers have one mandate, and one mandate alone: to provide the best service to customers at whatever level the consumer is willing to pay.  It’s a model that has served consumers remarkably well since the internet’s inception nearly two decades ago.  We will be urging the President, the FCC, and Congress: Keep Your Politics Out of OUR INTERNET!”



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