June 27, 2022

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2009 Inauguration Expected To Generate More Than A HALF-BILLION POUNDS of CO2

Published Thursday, January 1, 2009 7:00 am
by Institute for Liberty

In a few short days, millions will be flocking to the nation's capitol to celebrate a truly historic moment in U.S. history-the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

Among his many campaign pledges, the President-elect has made energy and environment policy a cornerstone of his campaign, promising American votes a "new chapter" in climate leadership while also calling on Americans to do their voluntary part benefit the environment. But the four-day festivities surrounding his upcoming Inauguration will produce enough carbon dioxide to make most environmentalists turn a sickly shade of green.

The Institute For Liberty (IFL) utilizes data from federal agencies, environmentalist organizations, and news accounts to extrapolate the estimated environmental impact for the 2009 Inauguration. IFL estimates that, given the millions of people expected to converge on the nation's capital:

The 600 private jets expected to fly visitors to and from the event will produce 25,320,000 POUNDS of CO2

Personal vehicles could account for 262,483,200 POUNDS of CO2

In the parade, horses alone will produce more than 400 POUNDS of CO2

The total carbon footprint for the Inauguration will likely exceed 575 million POUNDS of CO2

It would take the average U.S. household 57,598 years to produce a carbon footprint equal to that of the new president's housewarming party

The IFL makes no criticism of these activities and welcomes the potential and much needed economic stimulus that the Inauguration will provide.. In the same vein, Americans and U.S. businesses should have the liberty to pursue the daily activities they need to thrive and prosper.. Moreover, they should not have to be lectured -- or regulated or taxed -- by officials who appear, at best, to conveniently forget their own rhetoric when celebrating their success.

Energy use and economic growth go hand in hand and any radical environmental policies to regulate greenhouse gases will likely dampen any efforts to jumpstart the U.S. economy.

Instead of pursuing punitive policies that will hamper economic output and make energy more expensive for U.S. consumers and small businesses, President-elect Obama should swiftly undertake steps that improve America's energy security and increase economic vitality.

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