September 29, 2022

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About IFL

Founded in 2005, The Institute for Liberty initially focused its mission on technology policy and national security issues. Its philosophy is one of keeping the government focused on the primary mission of making sure our nation is safe, while keeping it from unnecessarily interfering in the daily lives of America's entrepreneurs.

IFL is an agressive player in the arena of defending America's small businesses. Our "track record," includes the following:

  • Legislative Language: IFL was called upon for anti-Kelo language for the Senate's housing crisis bill. This language was successfully inserted, passed the Senate, and restricts the monies in that bill from being used for private-to-private eminent domain;
  • Regulatory Involvement: Filed regulatory comments in the Department of Labor's Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) rulemaking, noting that despite the unpaid nature of the leave, the FMLA presents huge productivity costs for American businesses;
  • Tax Initiative: Launched a major tax initiative, calling upon the federal government to provide a receipt/thank you note to all taxpayers in October of every year, thus better linking an individual's tax burden with their voting choices at election time. IFL gained major media attention with this proposal following a Tax Day press conference;
  • Energy Policy: Joined the team countering the Administration's move to classify CO2 as a pollutant, has commented on the impact of new ozone regulations on energy prices, and is working to frame the importance of this issue to small business;
  • Stopping Regulatory Expansion: Senior Vice President for Policy, Kerri Houston Toloczko, provided integral testimony in a Drug Enforcement Agency rulemaking hearing on their desire to expand their regulatory tyranny over convenience store sales of certain cold medicines. Ms. Houston's testimony is credited with halting the DEA's attempt to extend its regulatory reach
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