September 29, 2022

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Center for Health Security and Access

Center for Health Security and Access of the Institute for Liberty is focused on ensuring that America's health care system remains the best in the world, which means protecting the free market principles that have allowed Americans to have access to our superior quality of treatment.

No other foreign country can come close to matching the quality of treatment and care provided by U.S. hospitals and physicians. IFL is committed to the preservation of keeping the delivery of U.S. health as a personal interaction between patient and doctor, and will oppose efforts to create a government-controlled healthcare system that could lead to rationing of care and extended waiting periods for treatment.

As the national debate surrounding U.S health care continues to unfold, IFL's Center for Health Security and Access will provide analysis and act upon relevant proposed federal legislation and regulation and ensure that IFL supporters have the intellectual ammunition they need to help protect U.S. health care from government programs that will erode their quality of care.

Led by Kerri Houston Toloczko as the Center's Director, it will focus on a myriad of healthcare issues including but not limited to:

  1. Healthcare vs. Health Insurance: opening the dialogue and explaining the difference
  2. Comparative health system studies: government-controlled healthcare in Canada and the U.K. v. patient-centered healthcare in US
  3. The road to rationing: defining the patient as an expense
  4. The Hazards of importation of foreign pharmaceuticals
  5. Who are the uninsured and do they have access to care?
  6. What would be the impact of nationalized healthcare on the pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device industry?
  7. Veteran's Best Health Accounts
  8. Re-introducing consumer-driven, free market healthcare solutions.
  9.  Private sector healthcare solutions available now that employers could implement today.


As part of IFL's effort to galvanize the movement for REAL reform of America's health care system, reform that will help small business, give patients access to greater numbers of doctors and nurses, and provide real (as opposed to government-sponsored phantom) competition, IFL Senior Vice President for Policy, Kerri Houston Toloczko, hit the road during the late summer--heading across country with the Hands Off My Healthcare tour.  Videos can be found here: 



IFL Launches Keeping Small Business Healthy Project!

WASHINGTON – The Institute for Liberty today announced the launch of Keeping Small Business Healthy. The project’s primary objective is to ensure any health care reform legislation passed by Congress addresses the challenges faced by small business without imposing harmful government mandates.

“The nation faces serious economic challenges and any credible foray into reforming America’s health care system must not only recognize these challenges, but it’s solutions cannot exacerbate either the existing health care problems or the nation’s economic difficulties,” said Andrew Langer, IFL’s President and Executive Director of the Keep Small Business Healthy initiative.

With Keeping Small Business Healthy, IFL brings its ongoing efforts at building grassroots action to a new level, building on the groundwork laid at grassroots events from around the nation, congressional town hall meetings, and nationwide bus tour participation by IFL’s Senior Vice President for Policy, Kerri Toloczko.  Ms. Toloczko will continue her envelope-pushing work, and IFL President Andrew Langer will be taking his town hall activism out into the states themselves.  

Beginning this week, the project will host a series of breakfast meetings with small business owners across the country to learn about issues American small businesses face regarding health care reform and to educate small business owners on how to become involved in the health care reform debate.

Kick-off meetings will begin in Baton Rouge, LA on Wednesday and Little Rock, AR, on Thursday. The project will also host future meetings in Missouri, Nebraska and Virginia.

“American small businesses are the most powerful force in the U.S. economy, providing 2/3 of all new jobs,” continued Langer. “When small businesses hire, the economy starts moving. When they don’t, the economy stalls. Ill-conceived health care reforms will penalize employers. During these challenging economic times small businesses, and the working families that depend on them, cannot afford to pay for exorbitant government mandates.”

Keeping Small Business Healthy believes that health care reform must be smart reform that includes medical liability reform, true health insurance competition, and transparency for consumers to help decrease costs.

Keeping Small Business Healthy is an initiative of the Institute for Liberty and to learn more about the project visit

The Institute For Liberty 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036 P: (202) 261-6592 F: (877) 350-6147